Dacia reports growing sales in European markets

Romanian-based car manufacturer Dacia reported growing sales by 80%in 2008, in Belgium, by 33% in France, and by 90% in Switzerland in first eleven months in 2008, according to international press reports.

Dacia reported total sales up 80% in 2008, up to 3,477 units. The Romanian car brand is active in Bulgaria since 2005 and climbed to 0.6% from 0.4%. The sales of new cars rose by 2.1% in Belgium in 2008, up to 535,947 units. Insiders expect a 10-20% drop of Belgian car industry.

Dacia reported 0.2% December sales decline, down to 4,393 units, and 33% drop in year-on-year sales, down to 43,500 cars. French car industry slid by 0.6% in 2008, down to 2.51 million units, while Renault total sales fell by 26% in December, down to 39,192 units.

Dacia sales in Switzerland climbed 90% in first eleven months and by 3.6% in November. Swiss car industry advanced by 1% in first eleven months of2008, up to 264,440 units. Experts forecast 10% decline, below one million units for this year.

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