Association of Businessmen in Romania (AOAR) request a common, reasoned position of the Government and BNR to “explain the lack of interest shown by Romanian authorities in handling talks with the main international lenders”, such as EU or IMF, reads a press release remitted by AOAR.

“AOAR is publicly requesting to be expressed a joint, reasoned position of the Government and BNR to explain the lack of interest of Romanian authorities in handling talks with the main international lenders – EU, Central European Bank or IMF, for ensuring a possible borrowing source of an economic overhaul and reindustrialization of Romania, in terms with the obligations expressed in the government plan”, reads AOAR press release.

The association is also requesting to the Government and Ministry of Finance “to draft, through the multiannual budgetary roadmap, the list of objectives of national or regional interest that cannot be the recipients of any financial package from public funds, proposing to the business players the takeover by assignment of these works”.

In the same press release, AOAR is requesting to the Executive to “give priority attention to the business environment, the only one that can gear the budgetary incomes required for a good institutional functioning and to fulfill all social promises they have made in the election campaign and also included in the government program”.

Moreover, the association draws the attention on “the visible phenomenon of contraction of economic activity in all sectors with major contribution in the state’s GDP, and of fast-growing peril, that in the lack of prompt adoption of effective measures, we will witness a sharp and irreversible short-term reduction of economic growth in 2009.”

Minister of finances, Gheorghe Pogea has stated repeatedly that he doesn’t exclude any external financing for Romania in the coming period, without giving additional information. Through yearend, BNR governor, Mugur Isarescu said Romania’s orientation to cost-effective lending sources, such as EBI and EBRD would be appropriate.

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