Libra Bank, participant to clearing-settlement and registry system of Central Depository

The Board of Governors of Central Depository approved Libra Bank as participant to the clearing-settlement and RoClear registry system, as of January 12.

Libra Bank is currently clearing participant of RoClear system.

Central Depository started its activity on January 3, 2007, as single depository and registry services provider for publicly traded companies, based on CNVM decisions.

Based on the functioning authorization issued by National Bank of Romania on March 2nd, 2007, Central Depository became fully operational by extending its activity with the clearing-settlement operations of the transactions with securities, the first day of settlement process being April 10, 2007. Until this date, the clearing-settlement activities were carried out by Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Shareholders of the Central Depository are Bucharest Stock Exchange and the five financial investment companies.

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