Jacques Daniel, Dacia: It would be an absurdity to change prices now

Dacia car manufacturer said it would not change car prices, which remained at this level since September 2006, according to Jacques Daniel, commercial manager of Dacia-Renault.

“We have no plan in cutting the price for Dacia models, or raising them, as it would be a complete madness in the current market conditions. Prices of Logan models remained at the same level since September 2006”, said Jacques Daniel.

Dacia’s market share dropped down to roughly 28%. “It was a sharp and continuous fall. Globally speaking, the market is not the same anymore”, said Dacia representative.

Dacia will deliver this year new engine variants for Sandero model, of 1.2 liters and 1.5 liters. “We are preparing smaller and more eco-friendly engine variants. In the following months we will launch the new diesel-based Sandero,” said Jacques Daniel.

At this moment, Dacia holds 10,000 car stocks in Romania. The largest stocks are in July – August, but also when the company readies a new car model.

Dacia sold 257,594 cars last year, 11.7% more than a year earlier, 84,708 of them being sold in Romania and 172,886 exported.

Dacia total sales in Romania accounted for 84,708, down by 17% from prior year.

Dacia exported 172,886 cars in 2008, up 34.6% from a year ago. Western European countries remain the primary destination of Dacia’s exports, accounting for 60% of overall deliveries in foreign markets.

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