Mazda achieves 9.3% y/y sale increase in Europe

Mazda Motor Europe’s retail sales for 2008 stood at 342,800 units, up 9.3% from previous year, being the highest calendar year volume ever in Europe.

The Mazda brand also achieved an estimated passenger car market share of 1.9 percent in 2008 in Europe, which is up 0.2 percentage points year-on-year.

Strong gains in Mazda sales during the first 10 months helped the brand achieve year-on-year increases in 20 individual markets in 2008.

In Russia, Mazda recorded its highest calendar year retail volume ever, with 73,700 units, up 47 percent versus 2007.

The carmaker reported set record sales in Russia, Portugal – 5,100 units (+2%), Hungary – 3.600 units (+29%), Croatia – 3,100 units (+17%), Slovenia – 1,600 units (+50%) and Belarus with 1,500 units (+138%).

In 2008, Mazda sold 2,537 cars in Romania, namely 147% growth from 1,028 units a year earlier. In December, Mazda sold 18% more passenger cars than a year earlier.

The most popular Mazda models in Romania were Mazda3 (840 units) and Mazda2 (812 units). Other models who have significantly contributed to the group’s last year sales were Mazda6 (425 units) and CX-7 (with 333 units).

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