In November, the unemployment rate raised to 4.1%, with 12.788 more jobless than in October, as several industry sectors started to shrink, in the midst of economic downturn.

In December 2007, ANOFM had announced a 4.1% unemployment rate.

According to same source, in late December 2008, some 403,411 jobless were registered at county labor departments. Less than half (46%, 187,229) were women, NewsIn informs.

The highest unemployment rates were registered in Vaslui county (10.2%), Mehedinti (9.3%), Dolj (8.4%), Teleorman (8%), Gorj (7.4%), Covasna (7.2%), Alba (7.0%), Galati, Harghita, and Hunedoara, with 6.6%, according to ANOFM.

The lowest unemployment rates were registered in Ilfov (1.4%), Timis (1.6%) and Bucharest with 1.7%.