Although the strategy and budget plan of Metro Cash & Carry will not be completed any sooner than February-March, representatives of the retailer say the company will switch off both the expansion plans of the chain and the fitting works for the opened units.
“Our chain already includes 24 units, and normally one store should cover nearly one million persons , therefore, we can say we have a full nationwide coverage”, said Francois Oliver (photo), chief executive officer of Metro Cash& Carry Romania.

Only if we find a location with positive price perspective, he added, Metro might be interested in extending its chain.

As for the sales results of the German retailer for the winter holidays, the food segment was the one that derived the utmost earnings. “Even if the non-food segment took a mild decline from previous years, the foodstuff sales increased compared to 2007, as the clients directed their liquidities to food products, and not to long-term use products like in prior years”, Metro’s CEO added.

The only fit-out carried by Metro Cash&Carry in Romania this year was at the supply center in Voluntari , started six months ago, which cost the company roughly 4.7 million euros.

With the new structure of Metro Cash&Carry Voluntari, the center extended its retail surface to 8,650 sqm.

“With its new format, Metro Cash&Carry Voluntari is one of the most modern locations of Metro Cash&Carry Romania chain”, said the Operational Business Unit of Metro Cash & Carry Romania and Moldova, Vladimir Vava, adding that despite the national chain expansion, the distribution outlets in Bucharest remain the most profitable ones.

Metro Cash & Carry is active in over 29 countries, managing over 600 cash&carry units. With over 100,000 employees worldwide, the company recorded 31.7 billion euros in sales.

Metro Cash&Carry is a division of Metro Group, one of the world’s leading hypermarkets. In 2007, Metro Group reported 64 billion euros in turnover.
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