In this context, the provider’s pre-tax operating profit equated 1.5 million euros, 107% up from 2007.

Revenues on the local market geared by Clarvision ERP or Clarvision Salarizare products climbed by 97%. EBS Romania holds a customer database which accounts for roughly 140 companies, most of them being producers.

In 2008, EBS Romania pursued its expansion plans in the domestic market, growing by 32% in terms of software engineering services, and by 300% in terms of maintenance, assistance and advisory. Hence, the company’s objectives for 2008, namely enhancing contribution of BPO services to EBS’ turnover, have been successfully acquired, said the managing director of the company, Daniel Metz (photo).

EBS Romania’s strategy of broadening the service pool and extending the target segment will take shape in 2009 by commercializing SAP software product. EBS Romania aims at obtaining the SAP partner certificate. As partner, EBS Romania will develop, sell, implement and secure professional assistance for the system.

In the global market, in 2009 the company will consolidate its activities in SAP segment, by providing SAP development and consultancy services in the German market.

The newcomers of EBS’ client database are AOK, Germany’s largest health company and Bertelsmann, the biggest media group in Europe. In order to cover the workforce demand, some 20 workers will be recruited in 2009, for the project.