National Bank of Romania (BNR) displayed on Friday a foreign currency exchange rate of 4.2910 lei/euro, after a previous record high of 4.3127lei/euro in Thursday’s session.

The local currency increased from 4.2970 units/euro, shortly before the session opening, up to 4.2500 lei/euro, whereas after 12:00, the rates started to increase slightly. At 13:05, the banks were buying euro at 4.2640 lei and sell it at 4.2740 lei.

“The rise of the local currency was fairly consistent in tandem with the evolution of the forint. Thus, the zloty will likely follow the same trend, but for now it remains instable”, said senior dealer at Banca Transilvania, Ioan Birle, quoted by NewsIn.

The leu increased in the morning trades, from 4.2970 units/euro to 4.2560 units/euro, and at 10:55, the banks were baying euro at 4.2570 lei and sell it at 4.2590 lei.

In the region, the forint rose from 291.77 units versus euro, to 286.21/euro, while the zloty had a wide-bandwidth fluctuation, swinging between 4.3891 units/euro and 4.4182 units/euro.