Intercapital Invest - transactions slid 17% in 2008

Intercapital Invest, Romania’s biggest indie brokerage firm, registered stock transactions worth 643.5 million lei in 2008, down 17% from a year earlier, as the overall value of stock transactions handled by brokerage firms at BSE slid 53% in 2008 versus 2007, reads a press release remitted by the company.

“Intercapital Invest was in 2008 the biggest independent brokerage firm in Romania in terms of deals brokered at BSE. The market share of the company in the total stock deals went up to 3.77% in 2008 compared to 2.14% in 2007. Intercapital Invest ended year on sixth position of the largest brokerage firms that handled stock transactions at BSE last year, up 2 positions from 2007”, according to company representatives.

The value of transactions with bonds brokered by the company totaled 32.9 million lei in 2008, ending year on third position with 7.09% market share.

As for its trading activity at BMFMS, Intercapital brokered futures and options transactions worth 906.8 million lei in 2008, up 9% from last year. In 2008, the company ranked sixth of the biggest brokers at BMFMS with 5.70% market share, up from eleventh position and a 3.51% market share in 2007.

The number of investors reached 4.055 at the end of December 2008, up by 12% from a year earlier.

The preliminary turnover reported by the company for activity in 2008 raises to 4.0 million lei, down 34% from prior year, while revenues for 2008 are expected to amount 8.6 million lei, up 5% from 2007.

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