Vodafone, Orange, Cosmote and Zapp, equivalent interconnection charges as of mid next year

National Authority for Communications has concluded the public consultations on the reduction of interconnection charges. Thus, starting July 1, 2010 Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote and Telemobil will charge an equivalent fee of 5.03 eurocents.

“We have concluded the public consultation on interconnection fees with the mobile telecommunication operators. We will maintain our decision to regulate the interconnection fees charged by all five mobile operators. In addition to initial proposal, we have decided to introduce a new phase of reduction on July 1, 2010 for Cosmote, Telemobil and RCS&RDS, the three operators who have not yet been obliged to control tariffs”, said the chairman of ANC, Liviu Nistoran.

Thus, the maximum charges for mobile call termination in Cosmote and Telemobil network will be cut in three stages, in line with an adjustment period of up to 15 months, until July 1, 2010. As it is the new participant in the mobile telecommunication market, RDS&RCS will benefit of a longer adjustment period.

“The gradual curtailment of tariffs provide predictability on this market, giving the operators whom have not been regulated so far, the possibility of resetting their business plans, and it confers a congruence of tariffs during the transition period to symmetrical charges”, chairman of ANC, Liviu Nistoran added.

The final form of the decision regarding the interconnection fees for mobile operators will be submitted to European Commission and regulators in other Member States, who can make observations within a month since the notification.

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