Romania\'s national currency, the leu, stabilized at 4.23 against the single European currency at the end of the session, after it recovered a part of the ground lost at noon, following a regional drift.

The leu hiked to 4.2030 lei per euro this morning but started to decline afterwards, to a maximum peak of 4.2540 lei per euro. Banks were buying the euro with 4.2255 lei and selling it for 4.2365 lei at 5 p.m, NewsIn states.

In the region, the Hungarian forint advanced from 289.60 to 283.80 versus the euro and then slipped to 286, while the Polish zloty waved between 4.33 and 4.4040 during the day and stabilized at 4.37 on closing.

The reference exchange rate established today by the central lender BNR indicates a 0.1 percent inch of the national currency versus the euro to 4.2340 lei per euro and a 0.24 percent increase of the leu versus the U.S. dollar, to 3.1954 lei per dollar.

On international markets, the U.S. dollar fluctuated in the first part of the day and then lost ground from 1.3160 to 1.3324 versus the euro. At 5 p.m. Romania's hour, the euro was traded for 1.3248 dollars.

Interbank interests for overnight deposits stood at 15-16 percent per year, above the annual key interest rate of 10.25 percent and the rate for lombard credit of 14.25 percent per year.

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