Romania’s government will only endorse tomorrow the budget principles, not the bill itself, like the premier pledged last week while situation is heating up in the current economic context and IMF presses for an accord, according to the head of the employers’ union UGIR1903, Cezar Coraci.

Prime Minister Emil Boc said talks on the budget figures will be resumed next week when the government will have accurate data on each ministry, Coraci said, after attending a meeting with the premier today.
At the meeting, representatives of employers’ unions insisted on keeping current jobs and carrying on investments to create new jobs, Coraci said.

The president is also seeing both employers and trade unions today, NewsIn states.

Talks tomorrow will focus on the budget again, Boc said earlier today, stressing that 20 percent of the budget or 10 billion euros will for into investments aimed at creating new jobs.

At the same time, with the reduced cash flow into the Cabinet’s accounts, the ministers will strive to negotiate a convenient splitting of the resources. Many ministries, including health, education and defense demand more money than last year, some to carry out wage hikes, others for important acquisitions.

Election campaign dreams of skyrocketing wage raises seem to have vanished into thin air now, the education minister being more reticent about the promised raise while it is speculated only some teachers will get more money starting this spring the soonest. A pessimistic scenario is for the fall.

Pensioners also have to wait a little more before counting more money in their wallets after an increase of the pension point to 45 percent of gross average salary was also promised during the campaign.

A frightening scenario yesterday was built up around a possible wage hike freezing for six months, to spare money for investments.

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