The exchange rate climbs again to 4.32 per euro

The leu resumed the slide at closing bell today, close to 4.32 per euro, after it has stabilized around 4.30 versus the euro in the afternoon, on a quiet market, against the regional trend, NewsIn informs.

The European currency was transacted slightly above 4.29 per euro at opening bell, but during first moves the leu receded to 4.3220 against the euro. The course decreased to 4.30, where it camped for a while, but at 17:00, banks were buying an euro for 4.3180 lei and selling it for 4.3280 lei.

The neighboring currencies swayed greatly, the Polish zloty first climbed from 4.47 to 4.41 per euro and then lost ground to 4.45. The forint strengthened from 299.25 to 295, but soon stepped down to 296.5 per euro.

Romania's central bank (BNR) announced today a reference exchange rate of 4.2987 versus the euro, 0.49 percent above the previous 4.2775 per euro.The reference exchange rate also shows the leu bowing down in front of the dollar by 1.68 percent, from 3.3212 to 3.3770 per euro.

On international markets, the American dollar grew constantly from 1.2875 to 1.27 per euro, but then slipped to 1.28 per euro. At 17:00 Romanian time, the euro stood at 1.2779 dollars.

BNR initially posted an average interbank bid rate (ROBID) of 14.14 percent, slightly lower than that of the previous session of 14.22 percent and the interbank offer rate for overnight deposits (ROBOR) sunk to 15.43 percent from 15.49 percent.

Overnight interests stay high at 14-16 percent, close to the lombard interest of 14.25 percent.

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