Dacia car sales in France sink to record low

Romanian carmaker, Dacia reported a record slump in January in terms of car registrations in France, of roughly 25.2% from January 2008, down to 3,406 units, according to French Carmakers Committee.

The number of new car registrations in France fell by 7.9% in January, down to 149,385 units.

Renault’s sales dropped by 20.9% (Renault -20.4%, Dacia -25.2%), while PSA Peugeot Citroen reported a 11.2% decline (Citroen – 11.3%, Peugeot – 11.1%).

As for the foreign brands, Fiat grew by 15.7% Mercedes by 12.4%, Ford by 5.9% and Volkswagen by 4.3%.

BMW group recorded a 21.4% decline, General Motors Europe by 17.4% and Toyota (including Lexus) by 8.7%.

The scrapping indemnity equated 1,000 euro in France, for a car older than ten years.

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