easyJet carried more than 2.8 million passengers in January

EasyJet airline said it carried about 2.8 million passengers in January, up 2.8% from the year-ago period.

The occupancy level of the low-fare carrier had the same upward trend: if in January 2008, easyJet reported 72% occupancy, in January this year, the passenger load factor rose to 75.7%.

In the last 12 months, the low-cost airline carried 44.7 million passengers, with an average occupancy in this period of 84.9%.

EasyJet is one of the leading low-fare airline carriers in Europe with a fleet that includes 166 aircrafts covering 400 routes between 109 airports in 27 countries.

The low-cost operator will add 14 new routes in Europe this year, nine of them being deployed from regional airports in United Kingdom.

The new destinations to be added by the UK-based operator are: Newcastle – Malta (April 2), Bristol - Corfu (May 22), Bristol - Bastia (May 24), Liverpool – Dubrovnik (June 2), Liverpool – Napoli (June 1), Liverpool – Bordeaux (June 2), Manchester – Corfu (May4, August 7), Manchester – Athens (August 1), Manchester – Bastia (August 9), Geneva - Dubrovnik (July 6), Berlin – Dubrovnik (July 12), Basel – Bordeaux (June 20), CDG – Ajaccio (July 11), Bilbao – Ibiza (June 22).

The tariffs for the new routes will start from 22.99 pounds, all taxes included.

As part of easyJet’s strategy to extend operations, the carrier will increase fleet by two new aircraft: in Liverpool as of June 1, and in Manchester, as of August 4.

The main competitors of easyJet in Romania are: Blue Air, who carried 1 million passengers last year, WizzAir – 900,000 passengers, and My Air – 400,000 passengers.

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