“The variant of a stand-by agreement, this non-used umbrella, with a non-usage fee of 25%, entails additional costs of hundreds of millions of euro. Who is going to cover them?”, said Isarescu.

BNR governor highlighted the worryingly high public deficit and public debt, in a meeting where the minister of finance, Gheorghe Pogea attended.

“It is about 2-3 billion euro, of which the Ministry of Finances hopes to receive financing for about 2 billion euro”, Isarescu added.

A loan from European Union “wouldn’t hurt” given Romania’s capability of drawing European funds, said the governor of the central bank.

“I have talked to the president and we know we don’t have the capability of absorbing 6-7 billion euro in European funds, and therefore, a pre-financing from European Union wouldn’t hurt”, said Isarescu.