Financial crisis sends new-car registration figures down 52.8%

New-car registrations in Romania plummeted by 52.8% in January this year, from the year-ago period, down to 19,756 units, according to DRPCIV.

In January, new-car registration figures slumped by 53.2%, down to 13,815 units, while the used cars took a 52.2% nosedive, down to 5,941 units.

Of all 19,756 cars registered in January, the new cars accounted for 69.9% and second-hand cars 30.1%.

The car brands with the most new-car registrations were Dacia with 3,467 units (-57%), Volkswagen with 1,591 units (-27%), Hyundai with 987 units (-3.5%), Renault with 957 units (-69%), Ford with 890 units (-55%) and Skoda with 884 units (-67%).

As for the second-hand car registrations in January, Volkswagen accounted for 1,626 units (-49%), Opel 1,156 units (-51%), Ford 624 units (-55%), BMW 493 units (-36%) and Audi with 356 units (-60%).

In 2008, the second-hand car registration figures soared 134%, up to over 300,885 units, while the new-car registrations fell 9%, down to 285,504.

New-car registrations in Europe had an annual median of 3.1 units per 100 inhabitants, Romania ranking 22nd, with 1.5 new cars, according to European statistics.

Romania ranked 15th of 17 in Europe for car production, with 11 cars at 1,000 inhabitants, Slovakia ranking first with 106 units, followed by Slovenia with 98 and Czech with 90.

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