Romania's public debt jumps 32.3% at the end-2008, to 108.9 billion lei

Romania\'s public debt climbed 32.26% to roughly 108.9 billion lei (27.3 billion euro) from a year-ago period, accounting for 21.21% of the gross domestic product (GDP) estimated for last year, Public Finance Ministry (MFP) said earlier today, NewsIn informs.

The total public debt stood at more than 82.3 billion lei at the end of 2007, or 19.94% of the GDP for the year.

On December 31, 2008, more than a half (59.6 percent) of the public debt was in lei, 27.68 percent was in euros, 9.57 percent in U.S. dollars, 1.9 percent in Japanese yens and the rest in other foreign currencies.

On different types of instruments, almost one third (32.68 percent) of the government's public debt was represented by state loans, 9.42 percent were state bonds, 8.49 percent eurobonds, 8.3 percent of the debt was contracted under the form of treasury certificates, 1.81 percent was represented by cash management instruments and 0.21 percent of the debt was under the form of financial leasing, according to MFP data, cited by NewsIn.

The weight of the public governmental debt in the whole of the debt inched by 0.2 percentage points versus the end of 2007, from 92.50% to 92.70%. The public local debt made for 7.30 percent of the total debt at the end of December last year, versus the 7.50 percent a year earlier.

MEF took into account a GDP of 513.175 billion lei for 2008 and 412.762 billion lei for 2007.

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