The leu started its depreciation with the first transactions of the day, from 4.2817 to 4.3078 versus the euro. Around 11:20 a.m., the exchange rate suddenly plunged and stabilized around 4.29 lei per euro, but the national currency then resumed its fall towards the end of the session, to 4.3101. At 5 p.m., banks bought the euro with 4.3005 lei and sold it for 4.3095 lei.

“The leu's appreciation around noon was sudden enough, but no one can know for sure whether it was an indirect intervention of the central bank or not”, declared for NewsIn Ciprian Mihai, head of the treasury department at Volksbank Romania.

In the region, the Hungarian forint decreased again over the threshold of 300 units per euro after losing ground from 295 to 300.10 throughout the day. The Polish zloty also eased from 4.5340 to 4.6423 versus the single European currency.

The reference exchange rate posted today by the central lender BNR showed the leu continuing its downward trend to 4.2942 against the euro, after losing 0.5 percent on the previous session.