The central lender BNR indicated a reference exchange rate of 4.2975 lei per euro in the previous session.

The leu's bottom level against the euro stood at 4.3127 and was indicated by the central lender on January 22.

The exchange rate idled around 4.30 lei per euro in the early trades, but dropped afterwards to 4.3170. Banks were buying a euro with 4.3105 lei and selling it for 4.3205 lei at 1:25 p.m.

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In the region, the Hungarian forint fell from 298.6 to 303.8 versus the euro, while the Polish zloty plunged from 4.637 to 4.791 against the single European currency.

BNR's reference exchange rate indicates a 1.26 percent decline of the national currency versus the U.S. dollar to 3.3735 lei per euro, from 3.3314 in the previous session.