Isarescu meets leaders of the coalition to discuss anti-crisis plan

PDL’s vice president, Gheorghe Flutur said at the end of Politic Office meeting of the coalition that PDL and PSD had decided to meet the governor of the central bank, Mugur Isarescu to discuss the anti-crisis plan and to work on the main steps to be taken in restoring the national economic stability.

“One of the topics was the anti-crisis program. The coalition proposed a meeting with the governor of the National Bank of Romania to hammer out the main steps to be taken in this period to restore the economic stability”, said Flutur.

The leader of Liberal Democratic Party said the meeting date with Isarescu would be set by the leaders of PSD and PDL, adding that it is likely to be scheduled for this week. “I wasn’t set a date yet. It will probably take place a preliminary talk beforehand”, Flutur added.

The liberal-democratic vice president said he hoped the state budget plan for 2009 to be adopted Thursday at noon “the latest”, with over 7,000 amendments already being submitted. “Tomorrow at 14:00, the state budget will be debated by the plenum, and we expect it to be ready by Thursday at noon”, said Flutur at Victoria palace. The commission within the parliamentary framework drafted the budget plan until Monday morning.

As for the supplementation of state-budget funds for counties, Flutur said the matter had not been included in today’s meeting agenda, as the Government passed the budget plan and waits for the vote of the Parliament. “Of course, we would all wished a higher budget and we are now seeking solutions to find liquidities, both for county roads and other very important fields”, said the representative of PDL.

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