Medlife touts 5 mln euro investment plan and 40% turnover hike in 2009

Medlife, said it would invest this year 5 million euros and would create about 250 new jobs, reads a press release sent today, NewsIn informs.

The first investments stage is scheduled for March-April and will consist in enlarging both the company's facilities, the Memorial Hospital and the Maternal-Fetal Medical Center, by 500 square meters each. While the hospital will be equipped with luxury suits for births and will offer new medical services, the maternal-fetal center will extend its activity in the genetics and in vitro fertilizing areas.

Medlife hopes to achieve a 40 percent increase in turnover, beating the 31.5 million euros target. Last year, the company reported a 21.2 million euros turnover, up 67 percent versus 2007, exceeding the initial estimates of 20.7 million euros, due to the opening of two hyper clinics in the western city of Timisoara and in Bucharest's western neighborhood Drumul Taberei.

Medlife also plans to increase workforce from 950 employees at the end of last year to about 1200 this year.

The MedLife Maternal-Fetal Medical Center, the only one in the country specializing in maternal and fetal medicine and the Life Memorial hospital, also owned by the company, is the biggest private hospital in Romania. MedLife holds more than 30 percent of the Bucharest market and about 6 percent of the national market.

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