Leaders see slumping activity in the next three months

Leaders of Romanian companies expect a slump in production and number of workers in industry, construction, trade and services for February-April 2009, although the prices will rise, according to an INS (National Institute of Statistics) statistic report.

Three in ten managers (31%) in processing industry expect the production output to shrink in the next three months, on declining number of contracts and orders in the prior quarter, both for internal and international market, the research found.

Managers see a negative trend on workforce in processing industry, while for industrial project they forecast a growth trend in the next three months.

In constructions, the managers expect the sector to be heavily affected by decreases in production output , contracts and orders, as well as workforce depending on the size of the companies. Insiders see a growth in prices of construction works.

For February-April 2009 interval, managers in retail industry have gloomy predictions for the evolution of the market, due to the crippled economic climate, marked by uncertainties related to future economic growth.

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