Romania's annual inflation rate - fourfold higher than EU average in January 2009

Annual inflation rate was 6.8% in Romania in January 2009, fourfold higher than EU average, Romania recording the third highest annual inflation rate among EU Member States, reads Eurostat report.

In first month this year, EU’s Member States with the highest annual inflation rate was Latvia, with 9.7%, Lithuania with 9.5% and Romania, with 6.8% according to data remitted by Statistical Office of the European Communities.

The lowest annual inflation rates were observed in Luxemburg with 0%, Portugal with 0.1%, Spain and France with 0.8% each.

EU annual inflation was down 1.7% in January, from 2.2% in prior month, and down to 1.1% in euro area, from 1.6% in December.

Eurostat research found that annual inflation fell in twenty-four Member States, remained stable in one and rose in two, as compared to December.

According to the data made public by Romania’s National Institute of Statistics, Romania recorded a 6.71% annual inflation in January 2009, above economists’ expectations.

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