In first month this year, EU’s Member States with the highest annual inflation rate was Latvia, with 9.7%, Lithuania with 9.5% and Romania, with 6.8% according to data remitted by Statistical Office of the European Communities.

The lowest annual inflation rates were observed in Luxemburg with 0%, Portugal with 0.1%, Spain and France with 0.8% each.

EU annual inflation was down 1.7% in January, from 2.2% in prior month, and down to 1.1% in euro area, from 1.6% in December.

Eurostat research found that annual inflation fell in twenty-four Member States, remained stable in one and rose in two, as compared to December.

According to the data made public by Romania’s National Institute of Statistics, Romania recorded a 6.71% annual inflation in January 2009, above economists’ expectations.