Germany confirms Romania is in loan talks with IMF

Germany said Romania was facing liquidity squeeze and that it is currently negotiating a loan with International Monetary Fund.

“Romania is in talks with IMF for additional loans. I hope the talks will be successful”, said the German minister of foreign affairs, Frank-Walter Steinmeier after a meeting with his counterpart, Cristian Diaconescu.

Romanian minister of foreign affairs, Cristian Diaconescu is departing for an official visit in Germany, at the invitation of his counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Sources from financial market said a Romanian delegation together with BNR vice-governor Cristian Popa and state secretary of Ministry of Finances, Bogdan Dragoi is in Washington for loan talks with International Monetary Fund.

Representatives of Bucharest office of IMF declined to comment the information, mentioning that “the subject should be treated with extreme discretion”.

BNR representatives have confirmed the visit to Washington of vice-governor Popa, however declined to comment further on its purpose.

BNR governor, Mugur Isarescu said late last week that Romania was likely to clinch several loans, from EU, IMF as well as from World Bank or EBRD, “unconditioned between them and for many years”.

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