The first three positions were taken by Bulgaria, with the gross domestic product (GDP) leaping forward by 3.6 percent, Poland, with 3.1 percent and Cyprus with 3 percent.

Latvia, Estonia and Sweden experienced the steepest falls, of 10.5 percent, 9.4 percent and 4.4 percent in the fourth quarter year-on-year.

Estonia also scored first when it comes to the GDP drop from one quarter to another. Thus, Estonia's economy contracted by 4.2 percent, while Sweden's shrank by 2.1 percent, Denmark's and Portugal's by 2 percent.

The most consistent rises versus the third quarter were reported by Slovakia (2.1 percent), Cyprus (0.6 percent), Greece and Poland (0.3 percent).

Both the EU and the Eurozone economies compressed by 1.5 percent during the fourth quarter versus the previous three months, for the third time in a row during the past nine months.