Wall-Street attracted in February 883,411 unique visitors, 143,133 more than in January, 1,518,501 total sessions (+128,542) and 3,294,727 views (+87,498). Furthermore, the website edited by InternetCorp. totaled a unique audience 37% higher than Ziarul Financiar publication edited by Publimedia International (643,050 unique visitors).

“The most important thing for the editorial staff is the fact that this is the sixth successive month in the leading position of traffic ranking for business newswires, Wall-Street.ro’s news coverage attracting a double number of readers than February last year”, said Claudiu Vrinceanu, editor-in-chief wall-street.ro.

The business publishers, he noted, record an impressive increase in online readership, unlike the corporate field where companies that were marking million-euro profits last year, the sales fell by 30-40% at least, since the start of this year.

“In order to be closer to our readers and to find relevant information, we need their support. We have three main objectives for this year: improvement of the news coverage quality, launch new editorial contents and to keep Wall-Street on top of web traffic ranking for business publications. To do this, the critic and constructive suggestions from readers are valuable to us. We are waiting for their critic feedback in order to improve our performance (click here to send us your feedback)”, Claudiu Vranceanu added.

The ranking is completed by zf.ro publication newswire that totaled 643,050 unique visitors (-66,673), 1,883,405 visits (-233,488) and 5,757, 720 views (-614,696). Bloombiz.ro took the No3 spot with 488,567 unique visitors (+6,374), 922,748 visits (-67,451) and 1,925,290 views (-239,138).

People have visited other newspaper sites such as standard.ro, edited by Catavencu, -331,032 unique visitors (-59,251), capital.ro, edited by Ringier Romania – 315,446 unique visitors (+21,558), banknews.ro (Andu Punct RO) – 154,920 unique visitors (-13,278), corporatenews.ro (InternetCorp) – 145,004 unique visitors (-8,571), smartfinancial.ro (ARBOinteractive) – 141,861 unique visitors (+46,807), businessmagazin.ro (Publimedia International) – 141,543 unique visitors (+27,435) and moneychannel.ro (Catavencu) – 140,990 (-13,463)