Romanians earned 1,355 lei (320 euros) as average net income in January this year, a 9 percent slip over December, on lack of holidays bonuses, the country’s Statistics Institute (INS) said, NewsIn informs.
The annual growth rate tempered at 12.9 percent, INS also showed. In December last year the average net gain stood at 1,489 lei, a 9.4 percent rise over November.

The average gross salary stood at 1,839 lei in January, falling 9.1 percent over December.

However, the growth pace of the salary maintains above labor productivity in the industrial field despite the recent warning of the central lender that such a swift pace would harm the economy and exert pressure on inflation.

Compared to October 1990, the real income grew by 25.3 percent in January this year, but was 14.1 percentage points below the level of December, INS showed.

The best paying jobs were in January those in airline transportation (3,272 lei) while the lowest salaries were paid in hotels and restaurants (757 lei).

Other significant drops were registered in the chemical industry were salaries reduced by 25 percent in January, the extractive and water transportation industry were they fell 20-22 percent, INS also showed.

Salaries of publicly-paid employees are frozen at least until April, as part of government plan to cut public spending by 20 percent. Also, people working in the central administration offices face the risk of getting paid less after the Cabinet passed an ordinance which suspends the payment of extra hours and bonuses.