The sales of the group reported 18% increases up to 501.5 mln euros last year from 425.5 mln euros in 2007.

A&D Pharma’s operating profit climbed 80% to 12.3 million euros in 2007, up to 22.1 mln euros last year, in spite of 6.2 mln euro one-time restructuring costs.

A&D Pharma’s retail division, Sensiblu recorded a 27% increase in turnover, up to 154.8 million euros for 2008, versus 121.6 mln euros a year earlier.

Sensiblu chain, that comprises 221 pharmacies in Romania, has consolidated its market position and continued the network’s reorganization by opening 12 new units, shutting down 13 and relocating another 5 in Romania.

The average market share of Mediplus, A&D Pharma’s wholesale division, increased and consolidated to 18.8% in 2008, from 17.9% in 2007, reflecting the growth of oncologic drugs sales as well as the opening the market to hospitals. Mediplus’ performance in the hospital market outperformed the market, reporting strong growth to 10.4% in 2008, from 3.9% a year earlier.

“Romania remains the second largest market in Central and Eastern Europe and the current drug consumption per capita makes Romania a market with mounting growth potential in health industry. This is why we intend on strengthening company-wide operations in order to capture this potential. Mediplus, the wholesale division underwent significant logistic improvements and at Sensiblu, we will remain focused on profitability enhancement at each pharmacy”, said Robert Popescu, interim CEO at A&D Pharma.