Hence, BCR Asset Management maintained its top spot in OPCVM fund marketplace in February, with assets of 438.9 mln lei (102 mln euros) and 44.2% market share.

With a 13.3% market share and 132.3 mln lei in assets, BRD Asset Management took the second position in February ranking.

Raiffeisen Asset Management ranked third, with 98.1 mln lei in assets under management, and 9.9% market share, while assets managed by EFG Mutual Fund Romania stood at 67.3 million lei at the end of last month, achieving a 6.8% market share.

The asset management arm of Banca Transilvania, BT Asset Management finished the February’s race on fifth, with 50.7 mln lei in assets and 5.1% market share.

Money-market fund assets topped 436 mln lei in February

Money-market funds marked the biggest increase in assets last month, taking a 15.10% leap forward since January, up to 436 mln lei (101 mln euros), according to statistics provided by Asset Management Association in Romania (AAF).

This fund array scored a major up-to-date increase, climbing 8% in January.

Bancpost Plus, OTP Comodisro, Simfonia 1, BCR Monetar and Raiffeisen Monetar recorded 84.5 mln lei in underwriting and 32 million lei in repos in the second month of the year. Net underwriting amounted to 52.2 million lei in February, hence outperforming the open-end fund market.

The money-market funds fared well in terms of investors as well, marking a 19% increase from previous month.

Bond funds registered a 0.5% increase in net assets to 244.3 million lei (57 mln euros) from 243 mln lei in January. However, bond funds recorded an upsurge in repurchase agreements, the net values of asset sales equating 1.3 mln lei.

Equity funds continue downfall

At the opposite side, we find the equity funds that marked a 13.5 decline in assets in February, down to 59 million lei (13.7 million euros). Net repos carried by equity funds amounted nearly 0.6 million lei.

Diversified funds reduced by 4.30% its net assets in February, down to 193.8 million lei (45 million euros). Net repos topped 3 million lei.

Overall, open-end investment funds boosted 4.2% its asset portfolio in February, up to 991 million lei (230 million euros) after January’s 951 mln lei peak.

As for the funds set up on a closed-end basis, the total assets fell 4.8% in February this year, down to 71.52 million lei, from 75 million a month earlier.