LG Electronics, the local arm of the world's biggest IT&C and electronics supplier, recorded a 20 percent increase in turnover last year, to 152 million U.S. dollars, on important sales on all the company's main sectors, NewsIn informs.
LG scored second both on the LCD television segment with 18.5 percent of the market under its control and on the plasma television segment with a 33.6 percent market share. The company was also the second largest seller of micro systems, home theater systems and air conditioning equipment.

LG Electronics came first on the LCD monitors segment with a 23.7 percent market share, a position it occupied in 2007 also.

As to the GSM division, the company held 7.4 percent of the premium and mid-end mobile phone market and took the fourth place.

The company plans to increase its market share and to optimize its portfolio by focusing this year on some of its key products like LCD televisions, mobile phones and air conditioning equipment.

LG Electronics entered the Romanian market in 1990 through authorized distributors and in 2004 as LG Electronics Romania.

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