Tariceanu: Romania does not need to turn to IMF programs

President of National Liberal Party said Romania didn’t need a loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund, but the legislators wanted to find a shield that would “protect them” from a declining credibility among voters.
The former prime minister of Romania added that Prime Minister Emil Boc needs this shield, because he doesn’t have the courage to explain the population that the election promises will not be implemented and the current market status calls for unpopular measures.

“As for the budget, we have to admit that Romania does not need to turn to IMF funds. They are overwhelmed by this situation and they are too frightened. They think there is no other solution to ride out the crisis and seek for a shield that would protect them on a political basis, in the event of urgent unpopular measures. We had the courage to say we cannot raise the teachers’ pay, not because we didn’t want to, but because the economy cannot bear this raise. Mister Boc doesn’t seem to have the courage to come forward and state these facts; he just wants to find a scapegoat to say ‘we’re doing these things because we were compelled to do,” said Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

He added that, if he was a prime minister, he would seek aid from European institution as Romania is a member of the European Union.

“I would have said that IMF has no reason to interfere, because we are members of the European Union. If we needed help, we would seek it from the European institutions. IMF is not renowned for its financial stewardship to third world countries”, Tariceanu added.

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