Colliers: 16% decrease in dwelling prices in Bucharest

If last year, the average price for an apartment in Bucharest was 1,776 euro/sqm in February, this year the prices fell 16% down to 1,489 euro/sqm, according to Colliers International monthly report.

Compared to January 2009, BREI (Bucharest Real Estate Index) index declined 1%, with its components, Old BREI falling 2% down to 1,334 euro/sqm and N-BREI, the index that gauges the price evolution of new dwellings remaining flat (1,778 euro/sqm). All values include VAT.

“Two of the six districts marked increase of prices in February. In district 6, the prices dropped 3% and in district 5 by 8%. At the opposite side we find districts 1,2 and 4 where the selling prices decreased by 6-7% compared to January”, reads Colliers report.

In district 3, the prices remained at the same level, namely 1,311euro/sqm. The highest prices were found in district 1, despite the 7% downdraft, down to 1,855 euro/sqm. The lowest prices were recorded in district 6, of 1,145 euro/sqm, with 3% hike from January 2009.

Colliers International delivered in May 2008 the first real estate index that gauges the evolution of home prices in Bucharest starting January 1, 2005.

As all main stock market indices, BREI is made up of eight secondary indexes that assess the evolution of dwelling prices in all the six districts in Bucharest, both for old apartments built before 1990 and for residential projects delivered in the past few years.

Colliers International is a global partnership between companies, with 293 offices in 61 countries. In Central and Eastern Europe, the company provides services in Romania, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro.

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