“The actions made public today affect mainly the manufacturing facilities in Germany and Spain, as well as the new unit in Craiova”, said John Flemming, chairman and CEO of Ford Europe.

Ford will thus reaffirm its commitment to produce vehicles in Romania, Germany and Spain. Ford said it would produce in Craiova and Köln a new small-displacement EcoBoost petrol engine.

Ford has confirmed it is examining the opportunity of another European production source for a new version of the future generation of Ford Focus.

“We are examining all options, but we have decided that the best approach in current conditions is a line-up of production output in our facilities to the dwindling market. We will reset not only our production demands, but also our future plans to meet the company’s business needs,” said Flemming.

The auto manufacturer said it would review the production capacity and labor surplus in Europe.

"Cutting capacity, reducing costs and safeguarding our future product plans are essential actions for Ford of Europe to sustain a viable business for the future. We will do whatever it takes to ensure the continuing viability of our business, and further actions can be expected," John Fleming said.

As of May 1, Valencia-based facility will adopt a two-shift working program. The company said it would further discuss on the management of workforce surplus on short-term. On a long term, the option between two-shift program and three-shift program will depend upon the market demand.