Yesterday the leu was pinned at 4.2862 per euro.

The leu fell this morning from 4.2870 to 4.2970 over the euro and then waved around 4.2870. At 1.30 p.m. banks were buying the euro from 4.2870 and selling it for 4.2960 lei.

In the region, the Polish zloty depreciated from 4.4485 to 4.4895 over the euro and the Hungarian forint fell from 294.80 to 299.90 and then stabilized at 297.

As for the American dollar, the reference exchange rate pinned it at 3.2966 against the leu. On the international markets, the dollar waved from 1.2954 to 1.3031 against the euro.

BNR posted an average interbank bid rate (ROBID) of 8.50 percent a year, below the 9.46 percent of the previous session and an interbank offer rate for overnight deposits (ROBOR) of 9.13 percent from yesterday's 10.09 percent.