Dacia plans to export 75% of its production output

Romania's largest auto maker Dacia, held by France's Renault, plans to export 75 percent of its production output this year, according to the company's general manager, Francois Fourmont, NewsIn informs.

Fourmont said this measure would help the company mitigate the effects of the economic crisis better than other carmakers as the current situation on the auto markets had changed consumers' preferences in wealthy countries.

Dacia plans to cut expenses and keep cash-flow on medium-term in a bid to escape the financial turmoil. The investment budget was tailored by one half this year to 200 million euros.

The automaker booked a turnover of 7.64 billion lei last year, up 10 percent versus the previous, owing to higher exports. Sales on the local market dropped significantly in 2008.

French group Renault, the owner of Dacia, required the Romanian government a state aid worth 170 million euros for Dacia, the testing center in Titu, for the suppliers of Dacia and also for Nissan Romania, Fourmont said last week.

As many as 28 million euros would go to the testing center in the southern town of Titu, Dambovita county, and 40 million euros being earmarked to investment program worth 200 million euros.

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