Nemirschi: No increase in scrapping indemnity in 2009

The scrapping indemnity will not be raised this year, while the “Jalopy” program may be extended to legal persons, said the minister of environment, Nicolae Nemirschi.

“The scrapping indemnity is one of the engines that will work to solve the environmental issues, and my objective is to remove as many “jalopies” off the roads as possible, and hence it would be useless to raise the scraping indemnity”, said Nemirschi.

He added that, given the outcome of the first phase, which is to end in June, he would seek for other means, such as the extension of the car park renewal program to legal persons.

Earlier this month, the minister of environment said the scrapping indemnity for the exchanged cars via “Jalopy” program increased in summer, if the car dealers would fail to meet their obligations, amid crisis.

“In June, at the end of the first phase, we will draw the line and see how the car dealers’ commitments were complied with. If of the 20,000 cars allocated in the first phase, only 5,000 will be sold, we will take into consideration a raise of the scrapping indemnity”, said Nemirschi two weeks earlier.

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