Yesterday the leu was pinned at 4.2946 over the euro.

The market seems pretty quiet and the leu waved around a bit propped up by the investors’ lack of risk fear, a dealer told NewsIn. However, the market is pending a clear result of the ongoing negotiations with the IMF over an external loan, he added.
The leu opened at 4.30 over the euro and increased to 4.29 and at 1:15 p.m. banks were buying the euro for 4.2895 and selling it for 4.2985 lei.

In the region the Hungarian forint appreciated from 301.8 to 299.2 against the euro only to fall to 300.7 while the Polish zloty first grew from 4.5420 to 4.4870 against the euro and then slipped to 4.5250.