Good.bee company, member of Erste Group, together with BCR will jointly launch a new mobile banking service targeting also the unbanked population across the country.
“We expect to operate approximately 700 retail units by yearend and 100,000 subscribers. The sales force will be coordinated via eight regional centers, located in eight major cities in the country”, said the managing director of good.bee Romania, Sorin Bulai (photo).

Bulai expects some 1.3 million banking transactions in 2009.

“Consumers may still be reticent to these services, hence the transactions could be lower at first”, he added.

The mobile phone-based money transfers will be processed via BCR’s IT platform. In order to benefit of these services, the subscribers must have an account at BCR, while cards attached to the accounts are co-branded BCR.

The initial investment amounted to over 1.5 mln euros, while the common capital equates roughly 6 mln lei.

The reason for launching this service is the huge potential of this service in Romania, considering that over 8 million individuals aged between 15 and 55 don’t have access to basic banking services, as well as the high penetration rate of mobile telecommunications.

After taking root in Romania, “we plan to launch good.bee Mobile Transactions in other European markets, especially in the countries where Erste group is present,” said Sava Dalbokov, CEO of good.bee.

Buying the Start Pack, the customers will have access to a current account at BCR, chip-embedded debit card Visa Electron, and will be able to securely make various transactions directly from their mobile phone, such as money transfer, view account balance, or recharge the mobile phone card.

good.bee Mobile Transactions can be used from any type of mobile phone, without any prior installation or internet access. The mobile transaction service was available with the support of Visa and can be found in any retail unit of Vodafone and Orange, said Sorin Bulai, managing director of good.bee Services Romania.

“We talked to other mobile telecommunication carriers and we hope they will join soon”. The recharge service for prepaid phone cards enables consumers to transfer credit to Cosmote network, as well as to Vodafone and Orange.

Sava Dalbokov said good.bee plans ton broaden its service pool, by enabling the access to consumer loans, saving products and insurances. Furthermore, he described good.bee business by comparison with Avon. “Good.bee agents are self-employed persons. Agents come, provide you the details of our services, and if you are interested, you buy it. It is the same with Avon’s field forces, who show you the products from a catalogue”. A good.bee agent will earn half of the pack’s size he sells.

The cost of Start Pack is at 26 lei, and the money transfer between good.bee accounts or to BCR accounts incur a 1.15 lei fee, while the money transfer to non-BCR/good.bee customers incur a 1.8 lei fee. For accessing the account balances, the fee stands at 0.45 lei and zero fee for phone card recharging.

Good.bee Service RO company was established in 2008, and one of its shareholders is Central European Financial Services (CEFS) advisor.

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