As NURE’s official said, in order to avoid the collapse of SME sector, the Government should prompt measures, such as a softening of the lending conditions. The president of the union of employers stressed that the payment of VAT should be made at the cashing.

Another measure proposed by Milut is the reduction of gas, energy and fuel excises. “In the past few months, the quality of the natural gas has been very weak. Also, we have the most expensive gas in Europe”, said the chairman of NURE.

He added that unlocking lending for small businesses by the state would be a good solution to stabilize the situation among small and medium sized enterprises.

Another reliable measure identified by the representative of NURE consists in regulating the price of raw materials through the Competition Council. “The situation isn’t any better when it comes to raw materials. For example, constructors wound up in getting the cement supplies from Bulgaria or Turkey”.