Orange Romania CEO steps down for personal reasons

Richard Moat, the leader of the biggest mobile telecommunication operator in Romania, Orange, said it would relinquish his role as chief executive officer for personal reasons.
Thierry Millet, the current commercial director of Orange will succeed Richard Moat.

Richard Moat’s resignation comes after 17 years spent in Orange team, holding various management positions and played a major role in the development of Orange.

Since he took the chairman office of Orange Romania, in September 2004, Richard drove the company’s revenues to 1.31 bln euros in 2008, from 624 million euros and consolidated the position of the mobile telecommunication operator in the local marketplace.

Thierry Millet was appointed as commercial director at Orange Romania in October 2005 and headed the client service, marketing and sales department. Thierry Millet has an extensive 20-year experience in Orange-France Telecom group and held various management positions at international level.

“Richard Moat had fantastic contribution to the growth and success of Orange. Richard can be proud of the extremely important role he played in the development of this business. With his extensive expertise in mobile telecommunication industry, Thierry Millet will be a good CEO and I am delighted to wish him every success in his future career”, said Olaf Swantee, SEVP Personal Europe & Egypt.

Orange Romania reported 1.31 bln euro revenue in 2008, up 6.2% from a year earlier.

At the end of 2008, Orange Romania’s client database amassed 10,355,000, up nearly 6% from prior-year period .

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