Vienna Stock Exchange launches four Russian sector indices

The Vienna Stock Exchange launches four sector indices for Russia, designed to gauge the performance of mining & metals, energy, oil and gas and telecommunication sectors.
RTX Mining & Metals Index (RTX MET), RTX Energy Index (RTX NRG), RTX Oil & Gas Index (RTX OIL) and RTX Telecom Index (RTX TEL) are capitalization-weighted price indices and include the most actively traded stocks with the highest market capitalization listed on the MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange).

The four indices will be calculated and published in real time by Wiener Börse AG in EUR, USD and RUB. These indices have been designed as tradable indices that can be used as underlyings for structured products and for standardized derivatives (futures and options).

The starting value of the four new sector indices was defined at 1,000 index points on 11 January 2009. The calculation parameters are reviewed on a quarterly basis, and every six months the composition of the index is checked and adjusted if necessary.

With the launch of these four indices, the Vienna Stock Exchange has widened its range of products for the CIS region to 11 indices thereby responding to the catching-up potential attributed to this region.

Today, the Vienna Stock Exchange calculates a total of 42 indices, with 32 of them tracking national, regional, and sector-related developments in the CEE/CIS region

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