Intel Romania recruits staff amid crisis

Intel, the world’s largest producer of microprocessor, said it planned to recruit staff from Romania in 2009 and in the coming years, despite the financial crisis, said the sales director of Intel GmbH, Catalin Morosanu.
“The headcount of Romanian subsidiary currently stands at 14. We are committed to increasing workforce, given the evolution of our business. We have no intention to layoff workers. It would be a great mistake to abort business now. It would mean that when economy bounces back, you will never leave the poll position”, said the sales director of Intel GmbH.

“In first quarter 2009, the sales in IT industry slumped 15-25%, from prior-year period. Despite these recessionary times, investments still play a major role in the business of every company. Within eight months, a company would amortize investments,” said the representative of Intel.

Intel Corporation said it would pour 7bln dollars in production facilities in US over the next two years.

Intel Corporation introduced 17 new enterprise-class processors, led by Intel Xeon 5500 series. The new enterprise-class chips can automatically adjust to specified power usage levels, fast data center transactions and database queries.

Intel Corp, the world’s largest semiconductor company said in January 2009 the Q4 profit fell 90%, as the recession had weakened the market demand.
Intel’s after-tax profit declined to 234 mln dollars, or 4 cents/share, from 2.27 bln dollars or 38 cents per diluted share a year earlier.

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