The rescue package agreement with International Monetary Fund is what Romania needed, and the economic growth will remain positive, based on internal and external resources, by providing the macro stability, said the governor of National Bank of Romania, Mugur Isarescu.
“Based on internal and external resources, the economy will continue to return a positive growth and we will ensure the much-needed macro stability”, said the governor of NBR, Mugur Isarescu after the meeting with members of Permanent Bureaus of the two Chambers.

“I am confident that Romania’s loan agreement with IMF is what Romania needed. This arrangement is not only necessary but also favorable to the country”, the governor added.

If the private capital was more narrowly shed in Romania, the financing sources would fill this gap from private sector, estimated at 7-14 bln euros.

“To conclude, a confidence rebuilding is crucial as well as a consolidation of economic, financial, political and social factors”, said Isarescu.

The board of National Bank of Romania has reviewed and approved the letter of intent sent to International Monetary Fund on the arrangement of external financing with international financial institutions and European Union.

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