Poll tax to dry up companies in Romania of at least 4,333 lei in the last eight months of 2009

Companies in Romania will pay at least 4,333 lei in the last eight months of the year as a result of the poll tax to be introduced on May 1 and the tax will be raised to an annual 6,500 lei from 2010 onwards, according to an emergency ordinance draft obtained by NewsIn.
Moreover, night clubs, discos, casinos and sports betting houses, including legal persons that report revenues on the basis of a contract of association, for which the profit tax owed to the state is smaller than 5 percent of the revenues are obliged to pay that 5 percent quota of the revenues, the draft reads.

The poll tax will be applied starting with May 1 and the Finance Ministry (MFP) established that, for the period May 1 – June 30, companies will have to pay at least 1,083 lei. For the third and fourth quarter of the year, the poll tax stands at 1,625 lei for each quarter. Thus, for the entire 2009, the companies will pay to the state a minimum 4,333 lei, regardless of whether they report a profit or not.

The poll tax will be applied to micro companies and to companies operating mainly in services, trade except vehicles and motorcycles and in the food industry.

Companies in the fields mentioned above except the micro firms are obliged to pay a tax of 0.5 percent applied to the reported revenues, but no less than 6,500 lei per year.

In the case of micro companies, MFP plans to raise the tax from 2.5 percent of the revenues to 3 percent in 2009, while the value of the poll tax is quarterly identical to the one paid by companies in the above mentioned fields.

The Finance Minister Gheorghe Pogea declared on March 26 that almost 80 percent of companies in Romania declare losses twice the size of their profit and fail to pay their duties to the state, entering an unfair competition with the other firms.

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