Leu hikes to three-month high versus euro

The reference exchange rate set today by the central lender BNR lowered by 0.82 percent versus the previous session to 4.1549 lei per euro, close to the national currency's level on the market, after it climbed at opening bell following the similar evolution of regional currencies, NewsIn informs.

The national currency rose constantly starting March 23, from a reference exchange rate of 4.2950 lei per euro. It last reached such a high level on January 8, when BNR posted an exchange rate of 4.1385 lei per euro.

The central bank established a reference exchange rate of 4.1893 lei per euro in the previous session.

The leu was traded for 4.1570 lei per euro at rising bell and the exchange rate lowered to a minimum level of 4.1455 lei per euro. It then stabilized at 4.15 and at 1:15 p.m. banks were buying an euro with 4.1550 lei and selling it for 4.1600 lei.

In the region, the Hungarian forint grew from 296.70 to 291.50 versus the euro and the Polish zloty soared from 4.4560 to 4.3980 over the single European currency.

BNR's reference exchange rate also indicates a 1.43 percent hike of the national currency versus the U.S. dollar, to 3.0710 lei per do

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