Business newswire, edited by InternetCorp., remained the number one online destination in March, marking a 83.6% growth from prior-year period. Wall-Street is thus defending its leading position for the seventh successive month, according to statistics provided by Web Traffic and Audience Study (SATI).

Wall-Street attracted in February 750,792 unique visitors, 143,133 more than in January, 1,412,747 visits and 3,260,439 views. Furthermore, the website edited by InternetCorp. totaled a unique audience 8.5% higher than Ziarul Financiar publication edited by Publimedia International (692,322 unique visitors).

“The new editorial projects we’ve launched recently together with the Wall-Street editors’ straight-forward approach to news can be attributed to fostering the growth of our publication in 2009. Apart from theEnglish section addressed to expats and weekly supplements, we have featured in LIVE-TEXT – WS debates, an interactive section where top managers, analysts and entrepreneurs answer the readers’ questions online”, said Claudiu Vrinceanu editor-in-chief

The business publication, he commented will keep focus on financial news coverage and analyses, as well as on “successful business stories of top managers from across the world”.

“From the constant and ample feedback we have received from our readers, we concluded they are highly confident in the electronic media, showing interest on the impact of an economic event. To us, Wall-Street team, the advices of our readers take precedence, and any development plan of the publication is drawn according to the opinion of the users who make up the biggest business community in Romania”, Vrinceanu added.

The ranking is completed by publication newswire that totaled 692,322 unique visitors, 2,113,029 visits and 6,275,732 views. took the No3 spot with 490,985 unique visitors, 970,003 visits and 2,094,435 views.

People have visited other newspaper sites such as, edited by Ringier Romania – 397,392 unique visitors, edited by Catavencu – 337,172 unique visitors, (Media Casa Press) - 191,855 unique visitors, (Andu Punct RO) – 175,381 unique visitors, (ARBOinteractive) – 155,028 unique visitors, (InternetCorp) – 151,166 unique visitors, (Catavencu) – 141,221 visitors.
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Despre autor este un cotidian de business fondat în 2005, parte a grupului InternetCorp, unul dintre cei mai mari jucători din industria românească de publishing online. Pe parcursul celor peste 15 ani de prezență pe piața media, ne-am propus să fim o sursă de inspirație pentru mediul de business, dar și un canal de educație pentru pentru celelalte categorii de public interesate de zona economico-financiară. În plus, are o experiență de 10 ani în organizarea de evenimente B2B, timp în care a susținut peste 100 de conferințe pe domenii precum Ecommerce, banking, retail, pharma&sănătate sau imobiliare. Astfel, am reușit să avem o acoperire completă - online și offline - pentru tot ce înseamnă business-ul de calitate.

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