The reference exchange rate set by the central lender BNR yesterday was of 4.1684 lei per euro, up 0.34 percent over the level established today.

The national currency was traded for 4.17 lei per euro at opening bell and lost to 4.1964 after just one hour. It then began to recover some of the ground lost and at 1:35 p.m. banks were buying an euro with 4.1750 lei and selling it for 4.18 lei.

In the region, the forint dipped from 295.40 to 299.27 against the euro and then stepped up to 296.50, while the zloty fell from 4.4776 to 4.5278 over the European currency and then soared to 4.4830.

BNR's reference exchange rate also indicates a 0.74 percent decline of the national currency versus the American dollar, to 3.1640 lei per dollar.