The size of the deals on which Reff & Associates banking & finance team has been engaged to assist either lenders or borrowers since 2007 has now exceeded one billion Euro in aggregate.

Reff & Associates, assisted Romstrade as lead legal advisor in negotiating and successfully closing a 140 million Euro financing deal with Credit Suisse, with the money aimed at financing the company’s infrastructure projects.

“This has been an intensive project for our banking and finance legal team, at a time when difficult market conditions made banks extra-cautious. Lawyers of both parties had to work and negotiate around the clock in agreeing complex contractual terms for this promissory notes-based finance transaction which is governed both by Romanian and English law and which required knowledge beyond what a usual loan agreement would imply,” said Andrei Burz-Pinzaru (photo), Senior Manager with Reff & Associates, , leader of the firm’s team for banking and finance law and in charge with Deloitte Tax & Legal Financial Services Industry Group in Romania.